Fluid Bed Dryer

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Fluid Bed Drying

The vibrated Fluid Bed Drying is used for fluidization of materials which are difficult to handle in a static fluid bed dryer. 
These materials are often characterized by having one or more of the physical properties.

Physical Properties:

  •  Wide particle size distribution
  •  Low strength of wet or dry particles
  •  Stickiness or thermo plasticity of the particles
  •  Pasty properties of the wet feed

In the vibrated fluid bed dryer, the material is easily transported through the dryer by the combined effect of fluidization and vibration. The fluidization velocity can be judiciously selected, to minimize entertainment of the smaller particles, to avoid gas bubbling m the fluid bed thereby minimizing attrition. The residence time can be adjusted, by varying the bed height, through the overflow weir position. A cooling section can also be provided, by partitioning of the plenum chamber. 

Typical products handled:

  •  Salt
  •  Milk products (used as a secondary dyer)
  •  Chemicals
  •  Tea

Fluid Bed Dryers

Leveraging on our industrial experience and robust infrastructure, we have designed Fluid Bed Dryers that are known for single stage operation and extensively used to convert solutions, suspensions, and slurries into dry powder within a few seconds without any intermediate handling. The high speed of the process and controlled temperature ensure the optimum efficiency of the process.


• Easy to install 
• High functionality 
• Optimum performance 
• Smooth operation

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