Air Dispersion Dryer

We offer a wide assortment of Air Dispersion Dryer that are used for drying applications of wet cakes, pastes, sludges and production of powders from aqueous suspension. Due to the dewatering mechanism, these dryers provide effective solutions and converted to either filter cakes, pastes or sludges. These air dispersion dryers are chosen on the basis of wet deed cake particle size distribution of final powder and drying curve. Our range of air dispersion dryers includes spray dryers, rotary dryers, flash dryers, spin flash dryers, vibrated fluid bed dryers and fluid bed dryer.


Rotary Dryers

We offer a wide assortment of Rotary Dryers that are classified as direct or indirect (air heating method), current or counter current (material air contact). They have features like Minimum air leakage and the Dryer is driven through a girth gear and tyre arrangement.


• High thermal efficiency
• Low operating costs
• Ideally suited for high volumes
• Low maintenance costs


Spray Dryers

We provide Spray dryers to our clients that offer an effective and efficient method of removal of surface moisture from a feed product. They very low residence time, thus flashing off the moisture from the feed. 

Spray drying equipment comprises of:

  • Feeding section normally a screw feeder
  • Rotary valve
  • Vibratory feeder, etc.

Air Dispersion Dryers

Air Dispersion Dryers are used for drying of wet cakes, pastes and sludges. When producing powders from aqueous suspension, it is a distinct advantage to first mechanically dewater so as to reduce the plant initialization and operating costs of the final drying stage. 


• Smooth functionality 
• Easy operation 
• Durable performance


Vibrated Fluid Bed Dryers

Our extensive range of Vibrated Fluid Bed Dryers is used for fluidization of materials which are difficult to handle in a static fluid bed dryer. These dryers are used to handle material such as salt, chemicals and tea.

Some of the features of the material are:

• Pasty properties of the wet feed
• Wide particle size distribution
• Low strength of wet or dry particles
• Stickiness or thermo plasticity of the particles

These dryers are used to handle Salt, Milk products (used as a secondary dyer), Chemicals, Tea, etc.

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